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1601 Elm St. 

Floor 32 Suite 

Dallas, Tx 75201

Refer A Friend, Reward Yourself

Rewardshare, the easiest way to earn with your friends, family and followers when they spend money with our Partners.

How RMN Works


Refer anyone to RewardMeNow, they receive a $5 credit and you receive $5 credit!


Your referral network, 5 degrees deep, spends money with our Partners.


We share a percentage of each transaction 

in your network with you!

How to Get Started

1.Get Rewardshare Code

After you sign up, you'll receive a personal Rewardshare code. 


Be a giver. Share your code with friends before someone beats you to it. You both will receive a $5 credit!

3.Earn Valuable Rewards

You and your network can earn up to 6% from every transaction with our Partners, within your network. 

4.Earn Residual Rewards

Earn rewards for life with our current and future Partners. Every time anyone in your referral network spends or makes money, you'll be rewarded. 

5.Get Paid

Reward Points will be credited to your account. Points can be used on services with our Partners and cashed out (fees apply).

100 Pts = $1 with our Partners. 

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